Bridge to Brisbane

Dr Michael Clem B2B 2016

Dr Michael Clem B2B 2016

Well all the Bridge to Brisbane numbers are in – hundreds of thousands in funds raised across multiple charities, revamped 5km and 10km courses traversing the great bridges of Brisbane (excluding the old Gateway start which was not missed) and 8th place in my age group as Seven Hills Family Doctors running representative. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank St Andrews War Memorial Hospital where I work with Dr Les Manning in Ophthalmic Surgery for being invited to run in their team.

 High Intensity Interval Training and beer – does it work?

 As with many things, the above combination probably only functions in moderation. The new 5km B2B course was unexpectedly hilly and, despite acclimatising with running around Seven Hills, it took it’s toll early in the course. The only sustained decline was toward the end of the run into Southbank Parklands. The HIITS training engaged was more flat repeats and more Kangaroo Point stair work would probably have helped. As for beer, it is a good source of carbs, but adhering to the NHMRC alcohol guidelines and possibly abstaining for some time prior to racing altogether would probably help.

 A PB for B2B in 2017?

Definite maybe. As part of the ethos of Seven Hills Family Doctors, the B2B will be on the calendar again next year and we will aim above the current target. As well as being a well run event which show cased our lovely city, the run highlighted again the benefits of exercise for body and mind.

By Dr Michael Clem